Where we go? When Heron leaves from Gurneys Marina the Captain puts the sails up and heads out toward Castle Hill lighthouse, you will pass Fort Adams, Hammersmith Farm, Oceancliff and the inn at Castle Hill. From Castle Hill we will head toward Mackerel Cove in Jamestown, past Horsehead Estate. Mackerel is our favorite place for a swim. We head back north and sail down the Jamestown coastline past Clingstone House and Rose Island Lighthouse, and under the Newport bridge, before we end the charter, we like to sail through the main part of Newport harbor and see all the mega yachts in the Marinas. 

Are guests of all ages welcome? Yup! Heron was originally built for a family to sail around the world. Her interior is extremely comfortable and safe, cool and shaded, with room to sit on the couch with the babe. There’s a private stateroom available for nursing, and a perfect nook for the baby to nap within site while you relax on deck with the other guests. The beauty of sailing on a catamaran is it’s completely stable. The captain can easily put Heron in irons (keep her at a standstill) to allow for more comfortable maneuverability when needed for older guests. 

Is there a bathroom? A place to change? Of course, there is a bathroom (Head) and there are 2 staterooms available for changing. 

Can we play music onboard? Always! When you board, we’ll have our Heron soundtrack (Hipster Cocktail Radio on Pandora- an absolute favorite among guests), and you’re free to play any other station, or plug in your own phone/ipod.


What do most people bring for provisions? Do we need to bring napkins, cutlery, etc? Is glass okay? No. Just the actual food and drink. For wine and beer bottles, yes. For drinking glasses, we have stemless wineglasses you’d swear were glass but are actually acrylic.