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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Heron and her Crew look forward to hearing from you! Please leave us a message and we will be back in touch to answer your questions and welcome you onboard!

Parking Instructions

You will meet Heron at Gurneys Marina in Newport Rhode Island


Location: 1 Goat Island Newport RI (Gurney Hotel and Marina)


Self-Park: Once you have driven over the Goat Island Bridge (the marina is on the right side of the bridge) take your first left and then your first right and park in the open lot. From the lot walk back toward Gurneys and toward the Goat Island Bridge (The large yellow building) cross the road toward Gurneys side you will see the large boats. Walk through the parking lot and through the gate toward the dockhouse. Heron is a bright blue catamaran and will be parked on the dock


Valet Parking: Drive over the Goat Island Bridge, take the second right and pull up in front of the hotel lobby Valet parking is $35. Enter the hotel and take a right walk past the bar on your left and straight through the restaurant out the backdoor and down onto the dock. Heron is a bright blue catamaran and will be parked on the dock.


Drop offs: If you are being dropped off or unloading provision take the first right at the end of the goat island bridge into the parking lot and pull up close to the gate.